How To Use HungerGym

   You know what to eat. Doesn’t matter what diet your choose -- all of us fail at the EXACT same moment. When we cheat, when CRAVINGS take over. That’s where HungerGym comes in. We specialize in FIGHTING CRAVINGS. Destroying them actually.

   Your bad eating habits have been formed over a lifetime. Your mind gets a reward or rush when you binge on junk food. Most of us use willpower to push through the worst cravings. Denying your brain the reward. This leaves a void. Works temporarily, but eventually, pressure builds. You cheat on your diet again. Sound familiar?

   We take a different approach. We suggest an alternative. Something fun… Quick exercise, walk outside, or relaxation techniques. They are designed to produces a rush, just like junk food, only much less fattening :) We have hundreds to choose from... and they are all proven.


  • Wait for the slightest sign of a craving in your mind.
  • Open the app and click the 'I Have A Craving' button.
  • Perform the suggested task. Immediately afterwards ask yourself did your craving go away (even for a moment)? Rate it. HungerGym learns what works specifically for you.
  • At first, tough cravings return quickly. Use HungerGym over and over. If you delay the craving by only a few seconds, you’ve sharpened your skills. Delay by a few minutes and the craving will pass. Keep HungerGym close and use repeatedly during rough cravings. This is KEY.
  • Be sure to use the app ALL THE TIME for first 10 days. You are creating a new habit. The more you use the app, the faster this becomes permanent. Remember this is based on proven MIT research.
  • Your going to unlock new and fun suggestions as you quickly level up.
  • Be sure to check your messages in the app. You get challenges, tips, and support from others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?

FREE. All suggestions can be unlocked over time simply by using the app. We have in app purchases to speed up unlocks if desired (not required).

What are the best places to use HungerGym?

ANYWHERE. At home, restuarants, or events. Anywhere you are tempted by bad food.

Is this a diet plan?

NO. This a tool to help you stick to whatever diet you choose. Cheating on your diet is WHY you are failing. We are the only app to focus exclusively on this moment.